Review: Embryolisse 24 Hour Miracle Cream

If you look at message boards frequented by make up artists, and people who tailor their skin care purchases to be useful on a variety of skin types, Embryolisse gets RAVE reviews, especially the 24 hour miracle cream, and rich hydrating cream. Samples of their skin care items just went up for sale on Camera Ready Cosmetics, so I figured I may as well try some. My skin, for reference, is slightly oily, and VERY sensitive. My standard moisturizer is Clinique Dramatically Different. I tried the Miracle Cream because it looked gentle enough to be the most useful on my oily skin.  The full size is $19.99, but samples are only $1.00 so it’s easy to buy a few different ones, to see which are the most effective.  The samples last for a week or so of daily use, if you’re sparing, so there’s plenty of time to watch for adverse reactions, or see more cumulative benefits.

It has a much thinner consistency than I’m used to finding in my moisturizers—almost like a very thick serum rather than a true moisturizer. It felt VERY light on the skin, and seemed to absorb very fast. It barely left the skin feeling tacky, and provided a great base for makeup applied over top.

I made the boyfriend wear some(His skin is slightly oily, similar to mine, but less sensitive) and he had no issues with it. Hooray for super-sensitive skin.  I found that when I used it regularly, I had more breakouts of the very deep cystic acne, and I had other little non-acne bumps across my cheekbones. I usually have that reaction when using a moisturizer that is a bit too rich for my skin. I doubt I’ll buy it for personal use, although I have added it to my kit.  The tube is HUGE, and since you only need a little, I’d be surprised if someone finished it in 8 months, with daily use.  It’s definitely on par, price and quantity-wise, with my Dramatically Different($15.99 for a giant container that I STILL haven’t managed to use more than half of).

On the boyfriend, I noticed that his skin looked a bit more even, and less red.  He had more of a natural “healthy” texture, rather than the slight-oily gloss that he usually gets.  I was happy with how it worked for him, although I doubt he particularly cared, or noticed one way or the other.  It seemed to absorb a bit more fully into his skin, as well.  Mine ALWAYS felt slightly tacky, like it didn’t absorb completely.  His skin drank it up, and five minutes later, I couldn’t feel even a hint of residue on him.  He rarely moisturizes(Well, only when I feel he really needs it), so his skin, although a similar type, seems to accept products much better than me(I cleanse my face very regularly, use makeup remover and toner regularly, and moisturize pretty much daily).  I think I might be OK using this on myself a few times a week.  But definitely not daily.

I’ll stick with my Dramatically Different, since it seems better suited to the rest of my skin care regiment. The 24 Hour Miracle Cream is NOT a bad product, at all, though!


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