Review: Jack Black lip balm duo

I previously reviewed Jack Black Lip Balm and loved it, but had to review these two new flavors, Blackberry and Black Tea, and Grapefruit and Ginger. Both are DIVINE! I love them even more than the previous flavors I’ve purchased(Vanilla/mint and Chamomile/lemon). The duo is selling for $10, which is an improvement over $7.50 per color. Sephora has it listed online, and in store. I’ve purchased a few of these, to stock up!

Both leave lips with a warm feeling, similar to lip plumpers. I don’t notice this in other Jack Black balms. THey have the same non-sticky gloss, as all other flavors, and wear just as long. If I put this on before bed, many mornings I still have remnants of it when I wake up, and my lips feel incredibly soft.  It has a similar consistency to Vaseline, maybe just a teeny bit thicker, and it feels similar on the lips.  But it doesn’t catch hair, crumbs, dust, as much as you would think.

As far as conditioners go for VERY damaged lips, I prefer Caudalie, but this really tops all for overall protection, and smell. I LOVE it!  The savory Tea and Ginger prevent the fruitiness from being too cloying, but don’t overwhelm.  All of the aromas are fairly subtle, and easy to wear, without having it conflict with any other fragrant products you are wearing.  There’s no cloying sweet taste, or really any taste.

If you haven’t tried Jack Black lip balms, now is a GREAT time to try them.  Two tubes will last you quite a while, and is only marginally more expensive than drugstore brands, which are CONSIDERABLY less moisturizing or long wearing.


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