Review: Buxom Amplified mascara

Buxom Mascara is my HG mascara, so I jumped when I saw they’d released a bigger and better version, with a neat adjustable brush! How could I resist?

The handle on the brush twists to lengthen or shrink the spaces between bristles, so you can tweak the shape depending on your lashes needs. This could be a godsend if you aren’t sure what type of mascara brush best suits your lashes, because the variety can give you an opportunity to experiment.

The concept is great, and the original buxom brush is my favorite brush of all time. Sadly, the Amplified mascara doesn’t live up to its predecessor.

The formula is very creamy, and clumps VERY easily. The bristles on the new and improved brush felt firmer than the old brush, and the shape isn’t as conducive to lengthening and separating my fairly-thick lashes. The shape also makes it difficult to use on lower lashes, without clumping. I didn’t notice any flaking, or smudging, once it had set.  Be careful in the initial application, though, since it IS so moist and creamy, and can smudge very easily.  It’s not a bad formula, it’s just a bit too clumpy for the brush shape.

Amplified is 22$. That’s 4$ more than the standard Buxom. I still prefer the original Buxom for my lash type, but users with thinner natural lashes may have better luck. I love the idea, and I think it could be REALLY handy in use, but it’s just not quite there, yet.



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  1. Ana
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 05:02:47

    I still want to use Buxom mascara 🙂 But currently I’m loving my blinc one, it really curls my straight lashes and holds curls very well! I sort of never believe when companies say it’s a better version of something: it’s not!


    • dolcearia
      Jun 27, 2011 @ 05:17:47

      The brush is the BEST thing about the buxom. I mix-and-match mascara products all the time. I bet that this brush would work BEAUTIFULLY with the Blinc formula. I do love the wear on that mascara, though I think the brush isn’t my favorite. I may try using my Buxom brushes with other formulas, since I LOVE the way that the brush applies product. The formula is utilitarian and OK, but the brush is the phenomenal thing.


  2. Angela
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 11:03:16

    I saw a drugstore version of this the other day and almost picked it up,but thought how I already have enough mascara and so I passed it up. Now I can’t remember what the brand was and it’s driving me nuts,I wonder how it would compare to the Bumxom version. I’m glad you reviewed this because I was thinking of getting it when I do get low.


    • dolcearia
      Jun 27, 2011 @ 11:14:33

      I’d be curious to see how it i compares too. I haven’t had great luck with drugstore mascaras, and I think so much of my adoration for the original is because of the brush—not just the shape, but the material. I can imagine a drugstore version using the same brush shape, but using a cheaper material that yields completely different results. If I see the specific generic version, I’d love to try it! i hadn’t realized the twist-brush had already filtered down to the drug store! Usually it takes a while, possibly since the companies designing the products would rather maintain an air of exclusivity that keeps people buying the expensive one for a while.


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