Photoshoot breakdown-70s inspired daytime look for Monolid eye shapes

I did this for a photoshoot a month or so back.  Since the styling was 70s themed, I didn’t want the makeup to be too anachronistic, but I wanted it to have elements of the dewy glow that characterized 70s makeup.

Photography by Rudy Joggerst, Modeled by Kim K.  All Makeup/Hair/Wardrobe styling by myself.


UDPP in Sin

Apply UD Maui wowie wet to the lower lid for intense shine

Define a contour with MAC Kid(Or UD Naked, Stila Eve, etc.)

Highlight with La Femme Bisque

Contour outer edge of crease and lower lid with YABY Old Barn

Finish brows with a mascara wand, a fine brush, and MUFE #3 brow correcter

Buxom mascara and natural false lashes, for thickness

Smashbox brown cream liner-line outer edge of lid LIGHTLY, and smudge.  We want a VERY natural contour.


NARS Orgasm

NARS Casino-contour

Benefit High Beams-highlight


Stila Darling


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Jul 22, 2011 @ 11:34:03

    Very pretty!


    • dolcearia
      Jul 22, 2011 @ 12:34:54

      I was happy with how everything came together-we had a GREAT location, Rudy enjoys mimicking the effects of old film and developing, and I am a ridiculous fashion nut, so it was fun pulling the wardrobe together. Kim is so lively on camera! I still giggle everytime I see the series with her laughing in the neon striped top….


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