Review: Graftobian Powder Foundation

I haven’t gotten as much use out of the Graftobian 12 color dual finish powder foundation palette as I would have guessed.  It’s still a fairly decent product, though.  It’s fairly sheer, so it’s best for women who don’t need a lot of coverage, or anyone who doesn’t want to look like a solid coverage.  I have used it mostly with mens grooming on shoots.  It seems to do a decent job with oil control—I still needed a stronger transparent powder over top when shooting with oily skin, in the sun, but it was fine for the most part.

I find myself reaching for other products more, because I hate the process of layering to get anything closer to medium coverage out of it.  For most people(A few blemishes to conceal, and some under eye discoloration) I don’t find it heavy enough to look right without a lot of work.  I’d rather use graftobian cream foundations  without any dilution as a concealer, and then thin it out to get more natural coverage over the rest of the skin.  That’s just my own preference.  Most of the reviews and raves I’ve heard about it focus on its uses in similar circumstances—men, children, people who need almost NO coverage(Or people whose skin is so oily that I don’t trust a cream foundation, even with powder over top).  Currently, I don’t find myself working on very many people who fall in that group.

It doesn’t look cakey or powdery, and blends into the skin quite subtly.

The color range is quite nice, and this palette has enough to match almost any skin tone. I’ve never met anyone  I couldn’t match in it, and I’ve used the colors over liquid foundations  to fine-tune foundation matches as well.  Most of my complaints have to do with the overall coverage.  Also, the packaging of the palette feels flimsy-it’s a fairly lightweight cardboard, and has already begun to get bent and arched from being at the bottom of my makeup kit.  It’s not as sturdy as the graftobian cream foundation plastic palettes.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Suzanne
    Sep 24, 2011 @ 16:18:14

    I like Graftobian HD powders better. They have more coverage, silky and blendible


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