Halloween: Poison Ivy

Just toying around, since I’m not likely to have plans for Halloween, but I haven’t done crazy makeup for it this year.  Sorry for the bad lighting–it’s early and DIM here, and my camera hates it.  I have a few pet peeves with this look-mainly with the leaves.   I’d like to color in my own next time, so it will be easier to cut tiny ones, and so that I can use more yellow-greens in the veining.  The brows in this feel too dark and heavy to me.  Lighter leaves would help.

UDPP in Greed
Sugarpill Tipsy-outer lower lid, and crease, following to inner brow bone.
Sugarpill Absinthe-middle of lower lid
Sugarpill Goldilux-inner corner
Sugarpill Midori-outer corner adn lower lashline
Sugarpill Junebug-crease
Sugarpill Tako-highlight
MUFE Aqua cream in Emerald-fill in eyebrows
Buxom mascara
UD Junkie 24/7 eyeliner-waterline and outer edge of upper lashline
Use lash glue to fix small fake leaves to inner edges of eyebrow–I cut mine down from fabric leaves, you can also color your own in. I want to do this next time, so that they are paler, and there’s more contrast in the veining. Ah, well.

NYX Mauve blush
LORAC Perfectly lit-highlight

OCC Lip Tar in NSFW, with Botanical edged in corner of lip and blended into the red.


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