A few mini reviews.

Yes, I know I’ve been VERY flaky lately.  Had one curve ball after another, and even though I’ve had a few new products pass through my hands, I haven’t been able to document my play with them.  I wanted to pass on a few mini-reviews for products that have caught my interest lately…

Favorite eyeshadow(bright)—-Sugarpill, hands down.  While I love many other indie companies eyeshadows(Fyrinnae, Hi Fi, Dark Heart), I love the matte finish of Sugarpill palettes, and their metallic pigments.  99% of the time, on shoots that need bright looks, these are the colors I use.  Beats out Urban Decay(too frosty), Fyrinnae(my favorite shades are too complex for photography work), Hi Fi(Beautiful complex shades, but they are the MOST stunning in person, not in photos).

Favorite eyeshadow(neutral)—La Femme Bisque, Taupe, Dark Brown.  I’ve used this combination on several models, with varying features and skin tones, and it’s the perfect utilitarian, cheap, combination.  Come to think of it, I should do a picture comparison at some point in the future, since I’ve found this combination being reused over and over again for photogenic barely-there makeup looks.

Favorite Eyeliner pencils—LOVING the Urban Decay  ’11 Holiday sets. I purchased the neutral and bright eyeliner pencils, and the cream eyeshadow pencils.  All of them are GREAT, and Perversion(matte black), and Demolition(matte cool-toned brown) are worth the price, alone!  It takes you FOREVER to use UD eyeliner pencils, and there’s a nice variety of colors in these.  I will be sad, though, if UD doesn’t eventually start selling Perversion and Demolition separately.

New Eyeshadow Primer Notes:   I hated the wear on Benefit Stay Don’t Stray, since it creased, and didn’t seem to keep the vibrancy of my colors, the way Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and Urban Decay Primer Potions do.  Original UDPP is still my favorite—but lately I’ve been mixing it with teeny amounts of their other primer shades, Eden, Sin, and Greed.  I LOVE that all of these shades are now available in squeeze-tubes, that are more sanitary, and keep the product fresh longer. Though I would say that at least a little bit of the issue with the primer drying out seems to be more of a chemical issue than I had originally thought, since even in a mostly airtight tube, it has gotten thicker WAY too fast.  I don’t care for Greed, Eden, and Sin on their own—Eden is too yellow to look natural on all but the most sallow of skin tones, Greed is a bit too dark and yellow for me to like it on most fair or cool skin tones, and Sin is a bit too dark for fairer skin tones, and too shimmery for me to like, as primer.

Favorite Blush–Benefit Dandelion is PERFECT for pale, cool skin.  I absolutely love it!  Cool blushes look better on me, to my eyes, than warm tones, so Dandelion officially beats out MAC Gentle Mineralize Blush for my most-used powder blush.  Dandelion is perfect for very subtle shadings, and looks lovely layered over MAC Brit Wit cream blush, my all-time favorite neutral/cool blush.

Favorite Lipstick– Well, not really a lipstick, but lately, I’ve gotten a LOT of use out of OCC Lip Tars, mixing them for shoots.  I’ve had them a while, and they NEVER lose their usefulness. You can do anything from crazy, experimental lips with them, to custom mixing shades for ANY color(Trust me— My last shoot, I used NSFW applied straight to the lips, with Botanical edged into the corners, and blended, for a contoured pouty retro lip, the shoot before THAT, I did three different looks with it– NSFW and Botanical blended to burgundy, then mixed with white, for a deep raspberry shade, then blotted to a fuchsia stain, with a hint of MUFE 916 star powder in the center of the lip, and the top of the cupids bow, for subtle highlights, and then Anime and Traffic blended to a pinky-coral.


Hair Tool I Can’t Live Without–Conair waving curling iron. I don’t recall the exact name, but it has two narrow-barreled irons, attached at the barrel with a squeeze grip, so you can wrap the hair in figure 8s between them for natural looking waves, rather than the usual contrived barrel curls.  Heats really well, has a lot of temperature control settings, and the resulting curls are exquisite.


Current Nail Polish— Sally Hansen HD nail polish, in Laser(Dark blue with aqua and purple shimmer), DVD(Medium periwinkle with aqua and blue shimmer), and Byte(Hot Pink with Aqua and fuchsia shimmer).  These colors have a bit of a duo-chrome look, and are PHENOMENAL when layered with each other.  I’m wearing 1 coat of bye, and 1 coat of DVD, for a magenta with STRONG aqua tones on most of my fingers, with 1 coat of Laser, and 1 coat of Byte on my ring finger, for a midnight purple, with strong metallic pink shimmer.  The boyfriend picks out the color on my ring finger, since jewelry isn’t generally conducive to my lifestyle, and I rarely get to wear the rings he’s given me.  This way, I have a reminder of how happy I am to get back home to our family, when I’m out and about.


Current Makeup Obsession—OCC Airbrush Makeup.  I’m still learning the technique, but loving it. I’ve brought it on two shoots, just to hone my skills a bit more, and it has worked beautifully on both.  So much to learn!  I’m happy to report than my initial frustration at their blush offerings happened mostly because the pale blush, bronzer, and mixing medium were on back-order, so I only had warm, dark colors to blend from.

Current Favorite Makeup Trend—LOVING the seasons graphic eyeliner.  I always love double wings, reverse-cateyes(when the wing is extended below the inner corner of the eye, rather than extending above the outer corner. This look doesn’t look on my already almond, round eyes, and I’ve yet to have the opportunity to use it on a model. It’s my favorite, though!)  Bright lipstick is always a hit with me, but there’s something so delightfully high-maintenance about this look that it instantly makes me feel confident.


Brands I Want To Try Next—Inglot eyeshadows, Temptu SB Airbrush Foundation, more Fyrinnae eyeshadows, Sugarpills new eyeshadows(Although I don’t know when they’ll be released) and Magnetic nail polish.


Anyways, that’s some of the cosmetics-related stuff that has passed through my head lately!  I’ll try to get up some full reviews, when I can.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 10:27:38

    Oooh, I love it when you tell us your favorites & reviews! I’ve been getting into NARS, not cheap, but fun. xoxo S.


    • dolcearia
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 10:37:42

      NARS is FUN! The past few seasons, I’ve ended up with NARS seasonal eyeshadow duo’s–Melusine(which may be permanent now), Dogon(Discontinued now, I think?) and Grand Palais(I think? I’m pretty sure it’s discontinued, but it’s the most beautifully wearable mauve). And Casino has to be my favorite contour shade ever….

      It has just been MONTHS since I was in a Sephora! I’m so glad that NARS and MUFE seem to be available in the JCPennies counter Sephora sections now! Bought my airbrush stuff online, and that has been my huge spurge…. I’ve been on a tight budget, too, since the boyfriend basically lost his job, and has only been able to get part time work, while he looks for a better job. Eventually I’ll get myself a nice treat, but it could be a while before I can justify it. Ah well. I don’t really NEED more makeup anyways….


  2. Susan
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 10:49:33

    I got Cheyenne duo, that’s wonderful this time of year, when it was $10 on a Sephora sale. I’m loving Euridice and think of you cuz it’s SO pigmented. Singles that I just got are: Daphne (bright purple) and Nepal (dirty apricot). Absolute FUN.


    • dolcearia
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 12:30:37

      Nice! I meant to snag Cheyenne, but forgot to. I’m glad you like it! The colors are certainly gorgeous–I have a huge soft spot for russet tones, regardless of season.

      How is Daphne working out for you? Every time I tried it in store, it looked really chalky, so I skipped it. I really hope it’s better in practice, because blue-violets are amazing!


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