I love my job.

Just did the most amazing shoot for a very talented accessory designer.  Elizabeth Perry Collections has the most unique range of stuff I’ve seen in a long time.  Burlesque-y sequined headpieces in colors both neon and neutral, frayed fabric flowers, textural and delicate jewelry, lushly patterned headwraps…. Liz is SO talented!  Everything about this shoot was impeccable.  The wardrobe provided by Shop Mapel made my hate my own closets contents,  and Liz’s desire to go bright or go home created a really interesting tie-in between all of the crazy elements. I’d wear any of this.

Headpieces/Jewelry by Elizabeth Perry Collections, available at http://www.elizabethperrycollections.com/Clothing by Shop Mapel

Makeup by Nolie Marie Platt, using Sugarpill Heart Breaker, Sweet Heart, Burning Heart palettes
Hair by Chanel Davenport

Models: Elizabeth Ruth Pettyjohn, Cameron Adams, Hanna Ohmes
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A quick check-in.

Yes, it has been a VERY long absence. Very shortly, thepaintedmask will be moving to a spot on my websites domain. We’re just ironing out the specifics!

Loving the new Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette. Absolutely loving it. I have a lot of pictures, but haven’t really been taking the time to post things. Definitely been in a very private mood lately.  Here’s a few, though!  All colors are from Sugarpill Heartbreaker, Burning Heart, and Sweetheart palettes.

But things are overall getting better.  Busy with work, lots of shoots in the rare bits of nice weather we get here! Plus, I recently got engaged, so I’ve been even more wrapped up in the wonderful things I have at home, that don’t involve a brush or primer.

I’ll be sure to put the link to the new blog up here, when it’s functional! Likely it’ll just be sporadic looks, notes on trends, gushes about recent photoshoots, that sort of thing. Fashion nerds will be fashion nerds, after all.

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