About the site

The Painted Mask has reviews, looks, tutorials, features on a variety of makeup brands, colors, techniques. Generally, one review, and one makeup look, are posted daily.  Sometimes it might be more, or there may be a look and a tutorial.

The tabs along the top are to help you narrow your area of interest. Only interested in Tutorials, Reviews, or want to view the actual make up art without the other post types distracting?  You can do it here, or choose them in the side tabs, with further options for choosing specific colors, or searching. (NOTE: the color tabs relate only to make up art.  Reviews are not sorted into the color tabs).  Costume, dramatic, and vintage/retro are the main side tabs for style.

Additionally, I have links to a few resources for the beginning makeup lover in the side bar, as well as links to other make up lovers blogs.

The Painted Mask also is on twitter! Although some news of current sales, great deals may make it onto the blog, I’d like to have this option for more instant feedback, since the lead time for reviews, between shipping and time spent testing products, can sometimes get to be over a month.  Hate for anyone to miss out on a great product clearance because it’s sold out by the time I get to fully talk about it!

New Features coming soon!(Located under the button for Product Reviews)

Focus On: Eyeshadow(Ongoing) A weekly feature choosing one special eyeshadow color, and examining all of the ways it can be applied, paired with colors, used over different colored primers, etc. for a variety of effects.

Review Cliff Notes(December 2010)-an additional section before the cut on reviews, offering essential information about my conclusions.  Good if your short on time, easily distracted, or just don’t have a good internet connection for loading pictures.

Back to Basics(December 2010)-a bi-weekly feature revising reviews of “favorite” products and essentials, adding new information about my longer term experiences with them  How long it took to finish the bottle, whether I’m still using it as my go-to product, etc.  It’s easy for standout products to get lost in the sheer volume of products available and reviewed.  Any review entered in this category is something I felt well worth the time for another look.

Best in Show(January 2011)-Confused by the array of products out there?  This feature will be somewhat less frequent(monthly), and will compare different products along a theme(Mascara for Thick lashes, liquid foundation, neutral lipstick, a specific brands product line, etc.) to help you decide which ones might be the best fit!

Makeup Wars(January 2011)–Though we all try to avoid buying the same color ten times, it happens to the best of us.  When I stumble on these duplicate shades, or cheaper options for expensive shades, we’ll send them into battle to see which one holds up best, or if they really ARE equally matched!  There is no regular posting schedule for this, it will be published as products are found, and compared.

Enjoy poking around, and feel free to comment, or contact me at dolce. aria. pdx @gmail.com (Spaces removed, of course) with any questions, concerns, requests….


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