Experimental Lip Graffiti part 2.

Still toying with ideas for an upcoming shoot…. Overall, I like the first batch better—I think I may try using MUFE Flash Creams rather than OCC Lip Tars to do the larger paint-splatter/polka-dot effect(And I should DEFINITELY mix them more–my yellow is a teeny bit separated, so those dots look a bit runny and sheer). You can already see these starting to bleed, if you look closely, so it won’t bode well for my poor model.  The boyfriend teased me because the pink and green look looks like we could pose it with a toy dinosaur.

I am having ENTIRELY too much fun having an excuse to do these.


Experimental Lip Graffiti

These are part of an ongoing test for a shoot sometime in the future. Still refining the technique and toying with my ideas….  Yes, I know these are rough edits, and my skin is uneven(I didn’t bother applying foundation, and my skin was pretty stained by the second look!)

All of these were done with OCC Lip Tars and Loose Pigments, Sugarpill eyeshadow and loose pigment, MUFE Pure Pigment and Star Powder and(for the finish on the center look) table sugar.  Whew. My lips are STILL dry from removing all that!

Will try to do a more general update soon, it has been a ROUGH couple of weeks!

Technicolor Tuesday

Yeah. This is what happens when I put on makeup while listening to chopin, trying to avoid wailing at the top of my lungs, and swearing at boyfriend and boss alike. It has been that kind of day.

Testing Benefit Stay don’t Stray primer, though.


another Acid Lights look

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been shooting nearly every other day, and the in between days have been occupied preparing for shoots. I’m exhausted, and haven’t had time to put on my makeup.

Wore this yesterday. Still testing the Acid Lights palette. Sadly, this look showed that Acid Lights doesn’t wear as well as it should. After 3 hours outdoors, on a summer day, it had started to crease. There was primer under it, that doesn’t crease under similar conditions with any other eyeshadows…


acid lights rainbow

Still just testing the colors, the way they apply and blend. They are definitely paler than you would think, but it does afford a good variety to play with.


Finger paint!

Why? Because that’s what I did. The only brush used in this look was my facial brush. My hands hurt to the point that it was easier to scrape the cream products I wanted to test onto my palettes, and apply with my fingers.



silver and turquoise

I’ve had this color scheme in my head a lot, since I’ve been helping select wardrobe for a shoot, using 70s colors and patterns. It’s fairly wearable, considering how bright the colors I picked are.  I just blended a LOT to sheer them out, adn keep the densest deposits right by the crease.


Fierce as a peacock.

Yeah. I won’t discuss what i had to go through to get this look.  I’ll summarize by saying it involved a lot of yelling and swearing trying to get my makeup in one place, without tripping over it, a few wrist and arm strains lifting it over the chest-high chest of drawers my boyfriend decided to put in front of my makeup shelves,  slipping on water on the floor, cursing trying to get close enough to the mirror to blend, and having to leave the barricaded room to get more makeup in another room……  I am NOT a happy lady.  So the look kept getting louder, and louder, and angrier.  Peacocks are quite territorial so I thought it suited.


Smashbox Iconic Eyes

Alternate title-The Most Wearable Blue Look I’ve Ever Done. Or even Why Do I Spend Money On Smashbox? REALLY?!

Seriously, these eyeshadows barely adhered to my lid, and were SO sheer! This is the third set of smashbox eyeshadows I’ve gotten(on sale) and they’ve ALL handled this way. Seriously. I need some little shoulder-being to smack me upside the head every time I look at a cheap smashbox palette.

It’s kind of pretty though? After LOTS and lots of layering to get it to show up, and even more blending to try to prevent it from adhering in uneven streaks?!

Side note. I wonder how long it will take to get a good full-face lighting in my new home.  I HATE how half my hair/head is washed out by the window. And this was the BEST I could get, using mirrors to soften the shadows on the dim side of my face. Ugh.


My first EOTD in the new house!

Though not the first one I posted here…. I took pictures while testing different areas of the house for good natural lighting. Very few of them came out.

Still, I’ve missed my fun and bright looks!  Yes, I know my eyebrows are all OVER the place, and I didn’t put anything on my skin. Moving really wore me out, and I’ve been having a pile of allergic reactions.  I’ve tried leaving off foundation wherever possible.


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