For the boyfriend. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Portal today. It was too late to play it yesterday, when it came.  We could use a break from the moving. I think I hurt my hand on our last trip-I’ve had shooting pains through the bones of my left hand ALL night.  Blech.  We could REALLY use a break.  As it is, I’ll spend today laundering some dresses for a shoot Sunday.  I want to do a quick doublecheck and make sure that all of the seems are still in place, and they’ll work well for supplementing the models wardrobe. This should be a FUN project.



Alien Design for boyfriend(first attempt)

Long story.  Basically, the boyfriend asked me to create makeup based on a character in one of his projects, for kindle publication(Just the face will be isolated, for his use). THere’ll be other graphic elements thrown in once he edits it, I’ve just been testing how to get teh makeup for what specifications he wanted.  Although I gave him an earful for writing another Blue Alien thing.  Seriously?  Lavender, Sage, or bright, nauceous FUCHSIA?!  So much less over-used.

Cover the brows with Ben Nye white mascara, before applying blue skin and eyeshadow.  This was done with MUFE Blue and White flash creams, Sugarpill Lumi, Afterparty, Tako, Magpie, and Royal sugar, OCC Saturate and Static,  Mehron liquid latex(Applied, and then torn to give texture), and OCC Rx Lip tar applied, then blotted off.  (Unfortunately, it STAINED the chapped portions of my lip a lot, so it was still far stronger than the intended effect I wanted)

Sun went down, I couldn’t see well enough to finish it, so I photographed it “as is” and figured it’s a starting point for me to figure out where I want to go different, next time.

Periwinkle blue eyes

Another quick look from Yesterday.  Today will be spent refining some ambitious project makeup for one of the boyfriends projects.  As soon as I have properly edited images on that, I’ll post it, but it may take a few days since we’re trying to nail this next look with a specific image in mind.


another pastel

I liked this, though the subtle shimmers didn’t really show up in photographs(THe inner corner shines gold, and the purple shines aqua)


craving pastels

Eh, this was quick. I’ve got other art projects BEGGING for my attention today(Hint: I’m creating wardrobe for an upcoming photoshoot. I LOVE having artistic direction!)


Lemon Souffle(eyes only)

Eh, I felt like Chartreuse, and it has been FOREVER Since I wore NARS Rated R. Busy with a pile of other things today, and also was a bit rushed.  This picture has odd lighting, but REALLY shows the aqua sparkle from layering Lumi over the yellows.



I’ve had this look sketched ever since Helena(Xoxoparisky) offered to grab Illamasqua Disciple for me. IT FINALLY CAME!!!!! Insert happy dance. We will see a LOT of Navy Lips.  The name comes from (one of) my favorite book series’- Tad Williams Memory Sorrow and  Thorn trilogy.  Jingizu means Sorrow.  It was a sentient sword, created by an utter genocidal maniac who thought he was protecting his people.


Familiar Taste of Poison

I think I’m getting better at green and purple looks.  Best yet?  I even photographed a tutorial for this. I know, I say that a lot.  Half hte time I don’t end up posting it. I feel like the combinations I do while photographing tutorials are lackluster, and not particularly useful to people. I have at least four photographed but unposted tutorials sitting on my computer.  I actually LIKE this one, though!  (About the title- YES, I listen to pretty much anything. I love dramatic ballad style rock.  And I think my last tutorials have all exploited my classical music nerdery.  My other option for naming this was  “Gnossienne”(A green dance form repopularized during the Impressionist music era) or Vivace(Full of Life—usually a stylistic notation)



This is an inside joke. I think I’d be here an hour explaining it, or why the mere word is enough to make both me and my boyfriend break down in giggles. I originally did something else with the lips for my other look, but I loved this in macro.

Apply OCC Lip Tar in Rx(blue) to the lips. Apply a TEENY bit of Tarred to the top of the cupids bow, and bottom of the lower lip. Use a clean brush to remove and blend most of the color into each other. Using a fine brush, make tic marks along the outer edges of one lip using Feathered-don’t pull the color all the way into the center of the lip, but extend it slightly inwards. Press lips together to transfer color to the other lip, and soften.

Early mardi gras!

Because I’ll probably be testing nude shades tomorrow, before I use them on other people. WE’re going to go visit the boyfriends mom, so I won’t have too much time to spend on makeup.

Have to flush it all out of my system NOW!



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