Photoshoot: The Sauvie Island Scarecrow

I’m sure it’s obvious that fall is NOT my favorite time of year, and winter is worse. I spend months rampaging at everyone, the moment someone puts a carol on. The usual cozy imagery of the season just makes me grumpy.

So it’s a bit odd how happy I was with these images. They’re just serene, and happy. These were shot last weekend, in the rain, on location in Sauvie Island, Oregon.

Gabrielle Jones models, in her own clothing.   Photography by Mikola Accuardi.  I did hair as well as makeup for this.



Photoshoot: Underwater!

So, I designed the entire look for this day around the idea that we were going to be dipping it in the pool later, and any powders used might be cakey, or wash out or off underwater.  Plus, the bluish tone of pool water can have odd effects of the skin tone, so I compensated with a touch more bronzey color, to keep her skin at its natural color.  This is the first photoshoot I used my airbrush at!  Having tested it on myself, and even tested crying in it, I loved how it held up and barely moved.  It was a good choice, and did the same here.

This features the lovely Olivia Long, at Option Model Management, photographed by Mikola Accuardi.

Olivia Underwater, photographed by Mikola Accuardi

Sephora 04 Beige cream eyeshadow-entire lid

UD 24/7 cream eyeshadow in Rehab-outer corner of lid, for contour.

UD 24/7 liner in Demolition(Holiday ’11) outer lashline, for both upper, and lower lashline.

Maybelline Great Lashes waterproof mascara, in dark brown(I think?)

Trim and apply false lash singles, and clumps to outer lashline, trimming to be a slight bit longer than the natural lashes.



OCC Airbrush Primer

OCC Airbrush Foundation–mix of y1 and y0(y1 dominating).

OCC Airbrush Lustre-highlights

Blush is an airbrushed mix of OCC Hush, y1, and a half drop of Primary Green.



For this look, I mixed OCC Lip Tars in Anime, Traffic(I think that’s the yellow one?), for a pinky-coral, that appears darker underwater.

Olivia Underwater, photographed by Mikola Accuardi


A few illustrated odds and ends!

All of the pictures I couldn’t get off my camera….

Using the NARS Grand Palais duo, UD Naked Palette, benefit cream eyeshadow, and Sephora cream liners, and cream eyeshadow pencils. Don’t know exactly what went with what anymore…..

Photoshoot breakdown-70s inspired daytime look for Monolid eye shapes

I did this for a photoshoot a month or so back.  Since the styling was 70s themed, I didn’t want the makeup to be too anachronistic, but I wanted it to have elements of the dewy glow that characterized 70s makeup.

Photography by Rudy Joggerst, Modeled by Kim K.  All Makeup/Hair/Wardrobe styling by myself.


quick daytime smokey eye

Eh, it matched my dress. I’ve been so tired this week, working overtime and running around, that I haven’t touched my makeup. Ugh.


another Acid Lights look

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’ve been shooting nearly every other day, and the in between days have been occupied preparing for shoots. I’m exhausted, and haven’t had time to put on my makeup.

Wore this yesterday. Still testing the Acid Lights palette. Sadly, this look showed that Acid Lights doesn’t wear as well as it should. After 3 hours outdoors, on a summer day, it had started to crease. There was primer under it, that doesn’t crease under similar conditions with any other eyeshadows…


3 ways to wear Guerlain Rue de Passy eyeshadow palette.

I’m hoping that my feelings on the palette improve with more play. I LOVE the packaging, and the colors(in pan), but so far they seem too chalky and sheer for the price tag. Ah well, we’ll see. I tried doing 3 different looks, just to test the blending and application. I kept the palette picture here, to show which color is which, since it can be tough to see or label, in application.


Fierce as a peacock.

Yeah. I won’t discuss what i had to go through to get this look.  I’ll summarize by saying it involved a lot of yelling and swearing trying to get my makeup in one place, without tripping over it, a few wrist and arm strains lifting it over the chest-high chest of drawers my boyfriend decided to put in front of my makeup shelves,  slipping on water on the floor, cursing trying to get close enough to the mirror to blend, and having to leave the barricaded room to get more makeup in another room……  I am NOT a happy lady.  So the look kept getting louder, and louder, and angrier.  Peacocks are quite territorial so I thought it suited.


quick neutral

Because I’m shooting today, and needed something I could do with the few brushes that aren’t good enough to be in my kit.  Yeah, I know my hair is all over the place.  The lighting was fairly difficult, too.  The sun is just in the process of rising over here, and I still haven’t found a well-lit area in the new house.


Smashbox Iconic Eyes

Alternate title-The Most Wearable Blue Look I’ve Ever Done. Or even Why Do I Spend Money On Smashbox? REALLY?!

Seriously, these eyeshadows barely adhered to my lid, and were SO sheer! This is the third set of smashbox eyeshadows I’ve gotten(on sale) and they’ve ALL handled this way. Seriously. I need some little shoulder-being to smack me upside the head every time I look at a cheap smashbox palette.

It’s kind of pretty though? After LOTS and lots of layering to get it to show up, and even more blending to try to prevent it from adhering in uneven streaks?!

Side note. I wonder how long it will take to get a good full-face lighting in my new home.  I HATE how half my hair/head is washed out by the window. And this was the BEST I could get, using mirrors to soften the shadows on the dim side of my face. Ugh.


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