Experimental Lip Graffiti part 2.

Still toying with ideas for an upcoming shoot…. Overall, I like the first batch better—I think I may try using MUFE Flash Creams rather than OCC Lip Tars to do the larger paint-splatter/polka-dot effect(And I should DEFINITELY mix them more–my yellow is a teeny bit separated, so those dots look a bit runny and sheer). You can already see these starting to bleed, if you look closely, so it won’t bode well for my poor model.  The boyfriend teased me because the pink and green look looks like we could pose it with a toy dinosaur.

I am having ENTIRELY too much fun having an excuse to do these.


Experimental Lip Graffiti

These are part of an ongoing test for a shoot sometime in the future. Still refining the technique and toying with my ideas….  Yes, I know these are rough edits, and my skin is uneven(I didn’t bother applying foundation, and my skin was pretty stained by the second look!)

All of these were done with OCC Lip Tars and Loose Pigments, Sugarpill eyeshadow and loose pigment, MUFE Pure Pigment and Star Powder and(for the finish on the center look) table sugar.  Whew. My lips are STILL dry from removing all that!

Will try to do a more general update soon, it has been a ROUGH couple of weeks!

Strawberry Shortcake

I didn’t like this. It was just a bit rough, since I haven’t put on makeup in forever.  I  wiped it off, redid it, and it became yesterdays look.




How heavy a peach can an african swallow carry?

Because peaches are prettier than coconuts, the liner wings look like swallowtail, and I’m in the mood for some Monty Python humor. Or a strong drink. Or a lobotomy.

Apologies for the absence…. We had a family member in the hospital, so the past few weeks have been pretty…. incoherent…. Things are fine now, but for a while there, I could barely remember my own name, let along where on my face I could use that brush! Will try to post some new stuff this week, though. And groom my eyebrows, and get something dewier for my skin.  I’ve had SO many issues with allergic reactions, and stress hives.


acid lights rainbow

Still just testing the colors, the way they apply and blend. They are definitely paler than you would think, but it does afford a good variety to play with.


Barely glowing copper, using Givenchy Acid Lights palette

Yeah, my brows are a mess. This is from my first batch of experimentation with the Givenchy Acid Lights palette.


Bright summer cateye!

Inspired by Dior’s summer 2011 makeup. I LOVE the trend for a flat bright lid, with a cateye.

And here’s mine.


La Isla Bonita

Eh, it matched my dress.  Photographed a tutorial for this, though it may take me a little bit to get it uploaded.  I love the lips for this.  The blue sparkle of Prroowl, combined with the gold sheen and pale pink of 916…. LUSCIOUS!


Aztec Gold

Yeah, I’ve finished moving, but things aren’t back to normal.  I don’t have a dedicated makeup area, since my new  bathroom is about a third the size of the old one, with NO room for makeup.  I haven’t decided what other areas of the house will have the best lighting for me to set up shop.  Ah well.  I haven’t even managed to find even enough lighting to feel comfortable reshaping my brows.

They still look a bit uneven—this is actually my natural growth pattern!  For some reason, one of my brows has thicker hair toward the bottom of the brow, textured upwards, and the other  brow has thicker hair up top.  This is why I usually prefer a VERY heavily filled-in and defined look for them.  I’m practicing other options, though.  I still love Aztec Gold with Goldilux, and I thought it set off the coral lips pretty nicely.

Anyways, bear with me a little longer!  I’ll try to get some reviews finished, and get steadier about posting makeup, when I get my space set up.



For the boyfriend. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Portal today. It was too late to play it yesterday, when it came.  We could use a break from the moving. I think I hurt my hand on our last trip-I’ve had shooting pains through the bones of my left hand ALL night.  Blech.  We could REALLY use a break.  As it is, I’ll spend today laundering some dresses for a shoot Sunday.  I want to do a quick doublecheck and make sure that all of the seems are still in place, and they’ll work well for supplementing the models wardrobe. This should be a FUN project.


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