today’s technicolor temper tantrum.

Because we are in the midst of yet another family crisis. I’m getting tired of this. Since the man wasn’t around to rage with me today, I ended up taking it out on my poor makeup collection.  The boyfriend says “I don’t think color expresses anger the way you think it does.”  Shows what HE knows!!!



Photoshoot: The Sauvie Island Scarecrow

I’m sure it’s obvious that fall is NOT my favorite time of year, and winter is worse. I spend months rampaging at everyone, the moment someone puts a carol on. The usual cozy imagery of the season just makes me grumpy.

So it’s a bit odd how happy I was with these images. They’re just serene, and happy. These were shot last weekend, in the rain, on location in Sauvie Island, Oregon.

Gabrielle Jones models, in her own clothing.   Photography by Mikola Accuardi.  I did hair as well as makeup for this.


Halloween: Poison Ivy

Just toying around, since I’m not likely to have plans for Halloween, but I haven’t done crazy makeup for it this year.  Sorry for the bad lighting–it’s early and DIM here, and my camera hates it.  I have a few pet peeves with this look-mainly with the leaves.   I’d like to color in my own next time, so it will be easier to cut tiny ones, and so that I can use more yellow-greens in the veining.  The brows in this feel too dark and heavy to me.  Lighter leaves would help.


Experimental Lip Graffiti part 2.

Still toying with ideas for an upcoming shoot…. Overall, I like the first batch better—I think I may try using MUFE Flash Creams rather than OCC Lip Tars to do the larger paint-splatter/polka-dot effect(And I should DEFINITELY mix them more–my yellow is a teeny bit separated, so those dots look a bit runny and sheer). You can already see these starting to bleed, if you look closely, so it won’t bode well for my poor model.  The boyfriend teased me because the pink and green look looks like we could pose it with a toy dinosaur.

I am having ENTIRELY too much fun having an excuse to do these.

more bits and bobs.

Yeah, I haven’t worn much makeup lately. On top of that, my computer is painfully problematic, so I haven’t been able to edit images until now, or even type up posts. Ugh.

I’m testing the Urban Decay cream eyeshadow pencils now, and did this look to test other  colors over top.  Thats MAC Reflects Red, and Sugarpill Hysteric, Decora, Lumi, and Tako.  Line eyes with MAC Waveline fluitlind, at outer edge of upper lashline.

Lips are OCC Lip Tars in Hoochie, and Anime.

Experimental Lip Graffiti

These are part of an ongoing test for a shoot sometime in the future. Still refining the technique and toying with my ideas….  Yes, I know these are rough edits, and my skin is uneven(I didn’t bother applying foundation, and my skin was pretty stained by the second look!)

All of these were done with OCC Lip Tars and Loose Pigments, Sugarpill eyeshadow and loose pigment, MUFE Pure Pigment and Star Powder and(for the finish on the center look) table sugar.  Whew. My lips are STILL dry from removing all that!

Will try to do a more general update soon, it has been a ROUGH couple of weeks!

Photoshoot: BRANES

A few weeks back, before the move, I did makeup for a shoot for local band Branes. I loved how everything came out, and they were so funny and lively, when shooting. Photography is by Craig Thomson.

BRANES-Photography by Craig Thomson




For the boyfriend. I’m looking forward to seeing the new Portal today. It was too late to play it yesterday, when it came.  We could use a break from the moving. I think I hurt my hand on our last trip-I’ve had shooting pains through the bones of my left hand ALL night.  Blech.  We could REALLY use a break.  As it is, I’ll spend today laundering some dresses for a shoot Sunday.  I want to do a quick doublecheck and make sure that all of the seems are still in place, and they’ll work well for supplementing the models wardrobe. This should be a FUN project.


Alien Design for boyfriend(first attempt)

Long story.  Basically, the boyfriend asked me to create makeup based on a character in one of his projects, for kindle publication(Just the face will be isolated, for his use). THere’ll be other graphic elements thrown in once he edits it, I’ve just been testing how to get teh makeup for what specifications he wanted.  Although I gave him an earful for writing another Blue Alien thing.  Seriously?  Lavender, Sage, or bright, nauceous FUCHSIA?!  So much less over-used.

Cover the brows with Ben Nye white mascara, before applying blue skin and eyeshadow.  This was done with MUFE Blue and White flash creams, Sugarpill Lumi, Afterparty, Tako, Magpie, and Royal sugar, OCC Saturate and Static,  Mehron liquid latex(Applied, and then torn to give texture), and OCC Rx Lip tar applied, then blotted off.  (Unfortunately, it STAINED the chapped portions of my lip a lot, so it was still far stronger than the intended effect I wanted)

Sun went down, I couldn’t see well enough to finish it, so I photographed it “as is” and figured it’s a starting point for me to figure out where I want to go different, next time.


I’ve had this look sketched ever since Helena(Xoxoparisky) offered to grab Illamasqua Disciple for me. IT FINALLY CAME!!!!! Insert happy dance. We will see a LOT of Navy Lips.  The name comes from (one of) my favorite book series’- Tad Williams Memory Sorrow and  Thorn trilogy.  Jingizu means Sorrow.  It was a sentient sword, created by an utter genocidal maniac who thought he was protecting his people.


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