Photoshoot: Retro smudged Cateye

This is a great look if you are not used to wearing heavy makeup, or would like the look of a true retro cateye, but are unsure of your liner technique. It’s a bit more forgiving.

Photography by Rudy Joggerst, modeled by Kim K. All styling(Makeup, hair, and clothing) is my own.

2011 Rudy Joggerst

MAC Bare Canvas paint–apply to lower lid of eyes, to browbone, with a dense brush. Blend it into the skin with a fluffier brush for a softer effect.

Smudge MAC GreenSmoke around the lashline of the eye, blending it outward slightly, and applying it densest to the outer lashline, and wing.

Deepen the center of the wing with Sephora Grass is Greener cream eyeliner. Smudge it slightly, so there’s not a harsh line, and it blends evenly into GreenSmoke.

Curl lashes and apply Buxom mascara.

Fill in brows. I used La Femme Charcoal e/s, for a not-quite-black finish.


I mixed Embryolisse Miracle Cream moisturizer, and Graftobian Cream Foundation for a tinted moisturizer.

Buff NARS Orgasm into cheeks, and NARS Laguna into contour of face.  Highlight with Benefit High Beams.


Fusion Lip Infatuation in Big N Bare

2011 Rudy Joggerst

2011 Rudy Joggerst


quick daytime smokey eye

Eh, it matched my dress. I’ve been so tired this week, working overtime and running around, that I haven’t touched my makeup. Ugh.


3 ways to wear Guerlain Rue de Passy eyeshadow palette.

I’m hoping that my feelings on the palette improve with more play. I LOVE the packaging, and the colors(in pan), but so far they seem too chalky and sheer for the price tag. Ah well, we’ll see. I tried doing 3 different looks, just to test the blending and application. I kept the palette picture here, to show which color is which, since it can be tough to see or label, in application.


Pale plum smoky eye

This week may be short on posts. My tendinitis is back full-force, and it has been two days since I could get through my paperwork at work without nearly crying from the pain. Ah well.

Testing out a cream shadow pencil, since I’m hoping it will be easier to apply on days like this. It is, marginally.


quickie gray eyes

Just testing NARS Dogon, and I wanted to try it with Urban Decay Lounge. It’s a little sloppy because the boyfriend kept dragging me away, or playing with my hair while I was trying to apply it.


Candy Wrapper

Yes, my brows need SERIOUS work. I’ve been trying to avoid it until after the move, since it hurts to raise my arms long enough to tweeze more than a few hairs.

Playing with Sugarpill Tiara now. I’m not sure it’s my favorite, but i like how this came out.


Silent Treatment

Using the Wet N Wild Silent Treatment trio. The color definitely work together—but I’d rather use them singly. Overall, it’s a frosty mess in the wrong lighting. And the “crease” color is sadly as chalky in application as it is when swatched.  Cargo Lash Activator mascara, and UD 24/7 liner in Zero on the waterline.


I’ve had this look sketched ever since Helena(Xoxoparisky) offered to grab Illamasqua Disciple for me. IT FINALLY CAME!!!!! Insert happy dance. We will see a LOT of Navy Lips.  The name comes from (one of) my favorite book series’- Tad Williams Memory Sorrow and  Thorn trilogy.  Jingizu means Sorrow.  It was a sentient sword, created by an utter genocidal maniac who thought he was protecting his people.


Experimental angry eye

Yeah, I’m in a fairly foul mood.  SOOO tired, and I just had to trek allover town because my feet are too tiny for common athleticwear shoe sizes. I had to have new boots for work, since mine are getting shredded.  I wear the smallest size the company makes, and they’re STILL too big, even with fluffy socks.  So just gritting m teeth and buying a half-size up, which is readily available, isn’t an option.

Rant over.  It’s a bit sloppy, but I wanted to do something other than my usual color contour.  It may be a week or so before I have any more photoshoots planned, so we may as well make sure I’m not getting into a rut.


Gardenia cut-crease(eyes only)

I like this in pictures, though I didn’t like it for daily wear.  That’s fine.  Please pretend you don’t see the redness in my face. I’ve been trying to avoid wearing foundation since Im having some severe reactions to some of my work conditions, and haven’t wanted to cause the irritation to get worse.  How many full-face shots have I done this week?  Not many.


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