Back to Basics: Cargo Lash Activator Duo

For reference, my lashes are naturally reasonably long, thick, and mostly un-pigmented(What pigment there is, is a dull reddish brown, most visible at the roots. The length is mostly invisible without mascara). My lower lashes are QUITE long and thick as well. I have had allergies and damage to my hair, in the past, so I try to handle my lashes with that in mind. I wear Buxom Lashliner regularly for conditioning, avoid harsh makeup removers, rarely wear false lashes, and take care to not apply too much pressure curling lashes.

I’m always watching for new conditioning things though, due to a somewhat paranoid fear that my lashes will be as fragile as my hair, and I’ll have a hard time making them look presentable, like I do to my hair!  Plus, I have an instinctive desire to argue.  Anytime a beauty company has some claim like “double your lashes thickness in 30 days!” or “70% of women experienced noticeable lash growth”  or whatever the tag line is, I want to go, use the product, and then have the facts to snarkily rip them a new one.

I believe the Lash Activator and Lash Activator Night are both 35$ each.  You CAN get the sample duo for 15$ though, that has both(That’s what I did!).  Seems like a good way to try and see if the results are worth shelling out for the full products.  It IS nice that they’re available separately, in case you find yourself using one more than the other.  And the bottles last a fairly long time. I haven’t run out of either, yet!

Unfortunately, this review will not indulge my snarky argumentative side.  They actually WORKED for me fairly dramatically!

I believe that the sample duo I purchased is only available at Ulta, now.  My Pennies counter sephora said they believed it had been discountinued, but Ulta lists it online still.  I had such great results with this, I ended up purchasing the normal formula lash activator to use as a mascara primer.  It works very well in that usage, and my lashes have not lost ANY of the growth they gained while using Lash Activator.

I didn’t like it when layered with Benefit Bad Gal mascara, in the original review, but with creamier formulas such as Buxom, MUFE Smoky Lash, Hourglass Film Noir, it works very well indeed.  Also, with sparser bristled brushes like the Exceptionnel De Chanel, and Sephora Atomic Volume.  It really does depend on your mascara.  But it is well worth it.



Back to basics: Buxom mascara

I don’t consider it exaggerating to say this is my holy grail mascara.

How could it be, with results like these?

Every. Single. Time.  Perfect application, easily layer-able, pretty user friendly, VERY precise…..  Best 18$ I’ve spent in a long time.


Back to Basics: Shiseido Face and Body sunscreen SPF 60

With the prevalence of information on sun damage, skin cancer, effects on aging, etc.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain WHY I’m so insistent on sunscreen use, even during the winter.  Particularly with me being a pale girl.  And my skin sensitivities have always been a HUGE hurdle to overcome.  For years, even though I knew I SHOULD wear sunscreen, I preferred to just stay inside and wear it ONLY when I couldn’t avoid it, rather than risk the variety of issue’s it created. Burning, swollen skin, ferocious zits, in grown hairs, infections……

The best “solution” I’d found until recently was watering down a high SPF sunscreen that did cause irritation,  with moisturizer, that didn’t irritate my skin.  And even that still caused some sensitivity issues.  So I was delighted to try Shiseido’s Face and Body sunscreen, and find that it had NONE of those problems!


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