A quick check-in.

Yes, it has been a VERY long absence. Very shortly, thepaintedmask will be moving to a spot on my websites domain. We’re just ironing out the specifics!

Loving the new Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette. Absolutely loving it. I have a lot of pictures, but haven’t really been taking the time to post things. Definitely been in a very private mood lately.  Here’s a few, though!  All colors are from Sugarpill Heartbreaker, Burning Heart, and Sweetheart palettes.

But things are overall getting better.  Busy with work, lots of shoots in the rare bits of nice weather we get here! Plus, I recently got engaged, so I’ve been even more wrapped up in the wonderful things I have at home, that don’t involve a brush or primer.

I’ll be sure to put the link to the new blog up here, when it’s functional! Likely it’ll just be sporadic looks, notes on trends, gushes about recent photoshoots, that sort of thing. Fashion nerds will be fashion nerds, after all.


Where have I been?

Apologies for spending so long without updates. It has been a fairly rough couple of months…. Started off with family illness, ended with other family issues, tossed in some photoshoots, assisting gigs, LOTS of day-job drama, and mood swings.

Unfortunately, all of that had the result of wearing me down into a state of near-permanent hysteria and depression. I generally avoid talking about personal issues on the blog, since the last time anyone should hear about my convoluted life is when they’re looking for inspiration or product recommendations.  But the two tie in together, in this case.

I dare you to find a beauty nerd who hasn’t had to justify her love of the makeup to someone who just chalks it up to vanity, or insecurity.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has asked myself whether the confidence coming from great makeup is a crutch, perfecting the exterior, while letting the problems inside fester.

So what is my makeup, to me?  It really IS my artistic side,  and I love its ability to make me remember an emotion that isn’t in the forefront of my mind, or let others know I’m feeling especially aggressive, or try out a different way of perceiving myself, as well as the obvious joy of colors, textures, composition…. But it only works for me when my bottom line is ALREADY happy and confident.  When I’m genuinely scared, depressed, or dealing with a bad bout of mental illness, the very idea of wearing makeup feeds it, making me feel even MORE insecure, and amplifying the bad emotions.  It just feels… dishonest….like I’m trying to completely redo myself, rather than enhance what’s already there.

I LOVE applying makeup for its creative aspects, but I’m a temperamental canvas, at best.  I’m much happier focusing myself on painting other people.  I’ve still been researching, and living with makeup 24/7, but I’ve directed most of it AWAY from the blog. I’m reluctant to wear makeup, photograph my face(Well, full face anyways.), and force my makeup love in a direction that is overall unhealthy for me.

So I guess I’ll try to do a lot more eye and lip macros, reviews, product breakdowns from photoshoots, etc. but there definitely WILL be a revision in the direction of thepaintedmask.  I’m sure you guys can understand.  Thanks for your patience, while I continue to figure out how to tie the beauty blogging in with my outside life!
We’ll see what the next few months bring!

Updates for thepaintedmask

Move date has come and gone, we are all settled in the new house, so it was time to take down the old update!

Thepaintedmask will be seeing some changes, soon. For one thing, I’ll probably be updating less frequently. Between a 40 hour work week, and hours more spent on shoots, and arranging for shoots, daily EOTDs and reviews may be overly optimistic. My pocketbook can’t sustain that expense anymore, and my make up area is still nonexistent, in the new house. I can’t find consistent lighting, or space to set my products up. It has been…. frustrating….. Add a pile of overwork and tendinitis in my wrists, and you have a recipe for a VERY cranky beauty nerd.

Thepaintedmask may also soon be changing its home! I’m in the process of setting up a section of my professional website to host the blog. WordPress and I have had our disagreements, and purchasing space for all of the makeup photos has gotten EXPENSIVE! This page will remain open for archives, but the new material will have a new home, as soon as I finish setting it up!

We can probably expect to see thepaintedmask updating with at least two looks, and two reviews a week. I’ll try to do more, but that should be the minimum, from here on out.

Wish me luck getting settled in my new home, and finding an area that doesn’t totally fray my nerves to set up makeup! In the meantime, we’ll find other things for thepaintedmask, including an upcoming giveaway, placement sketches, and breakdowns of makeup for photoshoots.

Thanks for your patience.

Temporary Update!

I feel I owe you guys a little bit of an explanation for the sporadic posts of the past few weeks. I’m in the process of moving, as well as keeping my shoot schedule, and we’ve had some home issues making it even harder to post(computer issues, broken furnace, etc.).

This won’t change, at least not for a month or so. By mid-may, thepaintedmask should be back and updated as regularly as ever. Until then, I’ll try to post when I can, but I may not have a lot of time for daily EOTDs or reviews.  My tentative move-date is in the end of April(after being pushed back. Sigh.) and I may not have internet for a while, until it can get set up in the new place.  Until then, it’s just LOTS of packing, and quick trips in the car taking boxes over.  I already feel really ill and weary, and we haven’t even started the hard part, yet!

Hope nobody is too bored with the lack of new content!  I’ll try to put together something special for when I get back. (I still have that bag of items from the last giveaway that I forgot to post!  Maybe we’ll do that as a “welcome home” thing and I can find a few more things to toss in?)  Thanks for your patience!

Best of 2010!

Or, at least a brief overview(mostly in pictures)!  Anyone got fun New Years resolutions to share?  I’m absolutely TERRIBLE at those, but I’ve got a few myself.

1.  Become better at initiating conversations. I will talk to most things that talk to me first, but I go months without making the first call to a friend.

2.  Flesh out my foundation selection so I’ll have something to put on other people, and won’t have a reason to procrastinate on committing to being an independent Make Up Artist.

3.  Practice the piano often enough to where I’m not humiliated playing for people any more.


Tag for Helena

I’ve always been horrid at these things.  Ah well, Helena(xoxoparisky), this is for you!

Happy 101!

TheCandiedMango and Helena passed this on to me.  Maybe I’ll be better with this, than email chains.  Usually I read it, smile, and avoid irritating my internet connection by passing it on.  Except for one particularly intolerant one from my grandmother, that merited a reply all to her entire church congregation, with historical citations, philosophical refutations, and legal reasons why the letter was inaccurate and offensive.  I got the cold shoulder for MONTHS after that one, and a delightful lecture about my horrible manners and disrespect for the family.  It was worth it.

Either way, this is the first time someones recommended thepaintedmask for something like this, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t blush when I saw it.  Plus, this is RIGHT around my blogging-anniversary. I’ll probably do a giveaway at the end of the year, so I have a little more time to collect gifts.  But the timing is pretty perfect for feeling good about myself, and thepaintedmask.

So, we’ll  keep it going!


Happy Birthday, thepaintedmask!

We’re coming up on my anniversary. I don’t recall the exact date, but it was sometime in November that I started cataloging my makeup here.

I’m happy with the work I’ve put in, and have been brainstorming ideas on how to make thepaintedmask better.

Join me behind the cut for a preview of some new series’ I’m starting, and feel free to offer ideas on some of the other changes I’d like to implement.


Kitty Idiocy!

Why?  Because it struck me as funny.  For some reason, my cat ALWAYS decides to come cling when I apply makeup. He perches on my back, while i’m bent over applying eyeliner(THAT is nerve wrecking!), tries to sniff my brushes and step in my palettes….. and I can’t get him to stay away from my lipstick long enough to get proper pictures!


My current collection/organization

Because I am bored, and I’ve added a ton of stuff since I last listed my stash.  It’s time to buy new palettes-these have been reorganized to about their full capacity.  I can’t even fit one pan in, if it won’t go in the purple palette!

As of 7/27/10, this is what I’m working with!


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