Halloween: Poison Ivy

Just toying around, since I’m not likely to have plans for Halloween, but I haven’t done crazy makeup for it this year.  Sorry for the bad lighting–it’s early and DIM here, and my camera hates it.  I have a few pet peeves with this look-mainly with the leaves.   I’d like to color in my own next time, so it will be easier to cut tiny ones, and so that I can use more yellow-greens in the veining.  The brows in this feel too dark and heavy to me.  Lighter leaves would help.



Experimental masquerade facepaint

Don’t ask me why I just HAD to do this today.  I’ve been reading too much Sci-fi lately.


Night Fairy

It’s not the neatest. My hands are still shaking really badly.  But I wanted to execute something with a little more planning than my last costume look.



Starring my handsome, patient boyfriend.  This is the first time he’s let me put makeup on him.  Sadly, he’s VERY twitchy, so it ended up a bit lighter than my original intentions.  Too difficult to blend under the eyes with him flinching, and fluttering lashes…..  poor fellow.  And he kept smiling through my pictures.  Sooooo out of character.

So it’s not so much a true zombie, as a fresh zombie, or a newly-slaughtered corpse, I guess.  I’m slightly disappointed.  But today really was my first attempt at doing horror makeup, so…. eh….


Halloween-Corpse Bride

No real technique.  Just a lot of improvisation, mixing colors, and an old vintage dress.  I’m VERY new to the world of horror/injury makeup.


Halloween look roundup!

Next year, I should probably start doing themed looks earlier, and put this out at least a week before Halloween. Oh well, live and learn.

These are all elsewhere on the blog, but I wanted a shortcut for those of us who don’t want to spend time sifting through piles of “normal” looks for those that would work in costumes.  The link to the products and full look is in the caption above the images.

Halloween look- Titania

testing Halloween looks.  Not that i’ll do any.  Last year, the man and I slept right through trick or treaters. It’s my favorite holiday in concept, but i never actually DO anything for it.

At any rate, I liked how this came out, though I wish I’d taken more care in planning the leafs.  One side is a bit too sparse, but adding some would have made it impossible to articulate them as clearly.  Just sort of felt like expanding on my original sketch, after a bored night of listening on medieval madrigals, and renaissance style instrumental dance music.  I wish I hadn’t bothered with teh foundation though.  NC 15 is DEFINITELY too dark adn yellow for my skin. I used it because it’s easier to fit in the teeny spaces than powder or cream, but it looks HORRID in pictures.

I recommend sketching eyeliner wings, and basic leaf outlines in first, applying makeup and touching them up, and THEN filling in the leafs/finalizing the liner wings.


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