Review- Sephora brush #16 Point Smudge

I probably shouldn’t admit how much I LOVE this brush.  It is surprisingly versatile!  It has a narrow, rounded tip that is suitable for smudging eyeliner, and also for VERY precise crease definitions.



Review: Sephora retractable all-over eyeshadow, and angled liner brushes


I got it on clearance, and it might well be a decent brush for the price.  But the packaging is not  just unwieldy, it’s outright destructive!

The casing has a slide-up cover that protects the bristles while you put the REAL lid on, but  there’s no latches or catches anywhere in the thing.  So the real lid comes off easily, the handles wiggle all over the place and don’t feel sturdy, and worst yet, the protective bristle cover SLIDES DOWN anytime the angle of the handle allows it!


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