A few mini reviews.

Yes, I know I’ve been VERY flaky lately.  Had one curve ball after another, and even though I’ve had a few new products pass through my hands, I haven’t been able to document my play with them.  I wanted to pass on a few mini-reviews for products that have caught my interest lately…



Review: La Femme eyeshadows

Yep, another silly neutral addition. I bought Bisque(Vanilla highlight color), Charcoal(Charcoal gray), Taupe(mid-range tawny nude), Brown(Reddish brown) and dark brown(Dark reddish brown) for my kit.  All of these shades are matte.  These are about 3$ a pan, and can be loaded into palettes.

I’ve used them very frequently, since I chose utilitarian colors.  They aren’t my favorite neutrals, though. The shades are nicely pigmented, but have a slightly chalky application and finish on the skin. I end up buffing them down, and then adding more in, and it takes more work to blend then my go-to shades(Stila Eve, MAC Kid, Cork, Vanilla, Gesso, Tempting, YABY Old Barn, Sand,  Urban Decay shades, and Hourglass Suede and Exhibition duo’s).  The pans are the size of MUFE pans, and will last FOREVER, though, even using more product, to compensate for the somewhat chalky application and a bit of the fading that happens immediately after it is applied..  Over standard primer, they don’t fade or crease with longer wear.  You just need to make sure you are touching the shadows up, though, to get a smooth and pigmented application.  Make sure to apply two layers of eyeshadow, a few minutes apart.  This will help you see how the first layer has faded a little, so you have more control over the intensity you are left with.

I probably WILL buy more of these, despite the slightly erratic application.  Between the huge pans, nice utilitarian colors, and the overall wear, I feel it has been worth the time to learn how these handle, so that there are no surprises when I apply them during shoots.  The range of colors is very nice, and good matte neutrals can be a challenge to find!  These are as easier to work with than most mattes, if you are factoring in a layered application.

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