A few mini reviews.

Yes, I know I’ve been VERY flaky lately.  Had one curve ball after another, and even though I’ve had a few new products pass through my hands, I haven’t been able to document my play with them.  I wanted to pass on a few mini-reviews for products that have caught my interest lately…



Review: Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume mascara

I do have to admit that I like this mascara.  The brush has slightly sparser bristles. though it’s a traditional pipe-cleaner shape and works well for separating lashes.  The formula stays put pretty well, though I did notice a little flaking about six hours into wear.

It DEFINITELY did seem to separate and add volume to my lashes.  Not so much length, but it created a very flattering effect.  The lashes had a slightly stiff look, but they also seemed to hold a curl slightly longer(my lashes are VERY stubborn and rarely hold a curl for more than a half hour, tops.)

It’s not the best mascara I’ve tried, but it may be best if you have lashes that resist curls.  That was the nicest thing about it.  Otherwise, both Buxom mascara and Fresh Supernova mascara have better wear, and also nice volumizing attributes.


basic skincare/makeup techniques even men should know

I know most men, and many woman, would rather go to the dentists for a root canal than fuss with their appearances.  Not all of us have the patience, desire, or time to enter the realm of cosmetic products and routines.  There’s a minimum, though, that everyone would benefit from. It’s not just about confidence or vanity, but overall comfort and health. I can’t think of anyone who actually ENJOYS having zits, itchiness, or dry spots.


Poisonous Pinup

So, the color combo of Glow Worm inspired me to try this. I like this a little better, and it’s different.  I guess it’s sort of that weird vintage-alternative fusion….  Rockabilly?  I don’t know, I know there’s three or four subgenres of fashion in that vein, and I can never tell what IS rockabilly, what is psychobilly, or any of the others.  And I’m too tired to really care.


Review: ELF Blusher/bronzer duo

I’ve held off on reviewing this, because my feelings generally are pretty mixed.  I’ve found myself picking it up a lot for the past two days photoshoots, and wanted to try to clarify the things I like, and the things I don’t.

This is VERY well pigmented.  I like that. It applies beautifully, and looks nice on.  But it fades VERY fast.  I found myself almost continually adding more, buffing it slightly, and then adding more throughout the day because after a half-hour, my strong staged contours had faded into a subtle sheen.

The colors are both nice, though the contour one is too much of a yellowish brown to look very “natural” on fair or cool skin(I used it to GREAT effect on a natural redhead with yellow undertones, and freckles though.  A very light coverage foundation and this on cheeks/contour, and her skin had the most delectably natural texture and finish!).

The blush color is a sort of coral-rose, with gold sheen. It’s not as vibrant as the NARS orgasm, but looks good on a lot of skin tones.  Eventually, I’ll do a direct comparison of this with NARS Orgasm and Laguna, since it is marketed as being an acceptable duplicate.  I don’t agree with that at all.  It’s not bad, but it does NOT compare to NARS in quality.

I just wish they adhered better, and stayed in place longer.  For 6$((i think?) it could be a LOT worse, but I really prefer the quality of a more expensive blush that I don’t have to touch up as much.  Especially because of how dark they look during the initial application(I avoid using the “contour” on myself, because I found it difficult to control, and too dark and yellow on my skin.)

If you only use drugstore or cheaper makeup, this might be a good product to play with, but I wouldn’t consider it a replacement for any of my higher quality blushes. I would not buy it again.


Review: Hard Candy Space Cadet

Sorry for the rushed review.  I’ve also reviewed Intergalactic, Asteroid, and Supernova. Space Cadet is my least favorite of the shades—the texture is a bit chalkier, and less pigmented and easy to apply than any of the others.  It felt much more muted and difficult to use.  No wear issues once it was on, and it applied decently wet, but very little glitter really adhered, and it was a bit of a disappointment.

Not a bad product for $6, just below the quality of the other shades in that line.


Glow-worm(eyes only)

This came out a bit sloppy, but I was just beginning to test a few new colors.  I may retry something like this later.


Review: Hard Candy glitter cream eyeshadow in Lagoon


Yeah, I probably could have reviewed Lagoon and Pool Boy at the same time, but I decided to separate it because they handle COMPLETELY differently.  Pool Boy applied smoothly in one coat…..

But Lagoon was ferociously streaky, even after two coats.  Two coats was passable but not completely opaque.  Three coats and it started flaking off and pulling uncomfortably.  About what you would expect from a $5-6 glitter product.  Ah well.

I didn’t test this on my eyes, after my uncomfortable trial with Pool Boy, that resulted in my eyes swelling, stinging, staining, and being tender for two days afterwords. I can’t imaging it being comfortable to wear though, given how thick of a layering you need for decent non-streaky effects.

Eyeshadow doesn’t blend well overtop,  and it is hard to soften teh edge where glitter meets non-glitter cosmetics.  I’ve definitely concluded that Hard Candy Glitter cream eyeshadows are a novelty at best. I’d use it for face painting, but NOT for serious makeup.


metalic violet smoky eye

I try not to burn myself out on my own makeup before a photoshoot. Plus, I was rushed because I wanted to give my brushes another cleaning(heh, I am a germophobe before shoots!) It’s definitely not my best work.


Review: Hard Candy glitter cream eyeshadow in Pool Boy

My love of all things bright and glittery is well documented.  For $5-6, the Hard Candy selection looks AWESOME!  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a miss for me.  I’ll review another shade that had texture problems, but I can no longer test the Glitter Cream eyeshadows on my eyes.   When I tried, my lids swelled, stained blue, and stung to the point where I was almost in tears just removing it.

Having tested it on my hand with no ill effects, I can say that it DOES seem to stay put pretty well, even in the face of rubbing, and the overall application is fairly seamless(though you’ll have a hard time blending eyeshadow around the edges.)   It’s a bit difficult to blend any kind of a soft falloff with existing shadow, or blend shadow over top, so I’m not entirely sure how they expect it to be used.  I plan to use it for doing bright detailing elsewhere on my face, since it’s only my eyes it hurts.

Pool boy is a rich turquoise sparkle with bright blue and gold sparkles.  It really IS a lovely color—but it STAINS the lid fiercely, and is a bit difficult to actually USE, even if you don’t have allergic reactions.  It applies with a doe-foot applicator, and the product is thick enough that you really only need one dip to get an ample amount for use.


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