Review- Sephora brush #16 Point Smudge

I probably shouldn’t admit how much I LOVE this brush.  It is surprisingly versatile!  It has a narrow, rounded tip that is suitable for smudging eyeliner, and also for VERY precise crease definitions.



Review: Sephora brush #23-all over shadow

I’ve been on a brush kick lately.  Even when I HAVE a brush I like, I’ve been wanting to compare it with more easily labeled makeup brands(many of my favorite brushes are un-numbered Japonesque brushes, or cheap drug store brands.  It’s nice having something specific to recommend.

The other brush is the sephora point smudge brush, which I bought at teh same time.


Review:Japonesque Touch Up Tube Brush set

my local Beauty First store had this brush set for half off.  Full Price is 19.95.  So that makes it around $9.42?   It’s a good price to me!  This kit has five brushes, and a metallic tube for carrying them in.


Review: Sephora Foundation brush 51, and angled blush brush 42

I’d recommend checking your local sephora FAST if you need a new foundation brush.  I was just in today, and there was a whole PILE of clearances, including their holiday collection.  The Foundation brush was on sale for 15$, and the blush brush was on sale for 10$.  I’m sure I don’t have to say that regular prices for these babies, or similar, is usually 30-50$ depending on the retailer.


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