Bronze smoky eye

MUFE Aqua Cream 14 is definitely on my wish list. Thank you, Susan, for sending me the sample of it! I LOVE it!  ALso love my new curling iron. I was debating getting one for my kit for shoots, but wanted to practice with it, since it doesn’t have the clip portion most irons have.  The curls were SO much better, and they LASTED my whole shoot!

Wore this to go to a shoot, the other day.  Mind you, I’ve barely been shooting at ALL, and I’ve been lucky to wear makeup once a week.  Things are so hectic and stressed, right now.  Both the boyfriend and I are on the verge of exhaustion-sickness.   The poor man can hardly move past his back pain, and it hurts to open and close my hands.  Ah well.  It’ll end, soon enough.



subtle burgundy and gold smoky eye

I actually really like Aztec Gold in this. The green shows through faintly, but it’s less vibrant than my other uses of it.


A little bit of vamp

A little boring, but we had errands to get to.  Plus, I love the colors–they sparkled like no other.  I thought this was really pretty, though not as strong as what I’d really like to be wearing.


champagne glow

Maybe it’s boring, but I thought it was pretty.  Plus, I’m loving Damn Paladins.  It makes me WANT to wear nearly-nude makeup.  I do need to remember, when I’m using my eve pearl foundation duo during the winter—-I can NOT use the darker color to contour near my forehead.  I’m too darn pale!  You can see that it’s too dark if you look closely at the images.  Hopefully you won’t.


drizzle(eyes only)

I spent all night in freezing rain. I think that cold drippy water has permeated down to the center of my being.

This looked cooler in person. The golden sheen of Anemone and the teal sparkles of Lumi were dulled on camera.


No Astrological Significance(eyes only)

Eh, I liked this.  Didn’t really intend any full face   Plus, my skin is rather itchy from another night outdoors.  I love the eyeliner shape, though.  I foresee myself doing a lot of doublewinged liners here.


Bird of paradise

Eh, I sort of felt like something warm and sunny. It’s a bit sloppy though, since I’m having a fairly bad pain week, and i had a hard time motivating myself into standing long enough to apply makeup.   Ah well. I’ll do better next week.


Sugarpill Barbie Girl

SWEET! Enter massive sugar craving.  This pink makes me hungry.

I have to admit, this is cuter in person.  All of the shimmery colors don’t photograph well, and the overcast day sucked the life out of the rhinestones.  I opted for heavier liner rather than false lashes, since my good adhesive is dead, and the stuff for the rhinestones refuses to support a band of false lashes.  Curse you sephora lash glue!

Still, there’s something almost insufferably feminine about these dainty pastels.  It’s a change, right?


King Me

Royal sugar is the most awesome neon blue I have ever seen.  THe eye close ups look different, becuase I used different lighting, to try to show the dimension of the shadow. One shows the color, another shows the shimmer texture.  I LOVE mufe silver flash crema as a base.  SOOO sparkly and luscious!


Night Fairy

It’s not the neatest. My hands are still shaking really badly.  But I wanted to execute something with a little more planning than my last costume look.


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