Products that did not like me!(my skincare rants and cosmetic FAILs)

As of 5/27/10

these are products that I have had bad reactions to, or REALLY disliked.  Your mileage may vary.  I’ll update as things catch my attention, or as my feelings on products change(Hey, I can be forgiving when I want to be!)



Review:Neutrogena Wave Deep Cleanser

There may or may not be a makeup look coming today. I have not been feeling this well and both yesterday, and today, have had a hard time motivating myself to wear anything!

On a whim, a few weeks back, I decided to buy the Neutrogena Wave, with 2 speeds.  At my overpriced store near work, it was $15.99.  The pads were 7.99 for the replacement pack. There’s a large part of me that wishes I could boil the pads in water to kill germs, and reuse them.  They aren’t designed for that though, and that’s more my own idiosyncrasy about not liking throwing things away.  Still, I’m rather happy with it-before and after photos, behind the cut.

5/1 update at bottom.  The unit officially died.


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