A few mini reviews.

Yes, I know I’ve been VERY flaky lately.  Had one curve ball after another, and even though I’ve had a few new products pass through my hands, I haven’t been able to document my play with them.  I wanted to pass on a few mini-reviews for products that have caught my interest lately…



pastel princess

Eh, I liked it.


Night time swim

So many new pretties to play with, and so little time!  I’m really not feeling well today, so this was a bit rushed.  Liking my OCC Loose colors so far though.


The Rite of Spring, part 2

This is fun. Start with this look(breakdown copied below) and add detailing and these lips! There’s tutorials for all aspects of this, as soon as I assemble the ones for eyes and detailing. That said, I think it’s a bit cluttered. At least, for tutorials sake, people can see how to do the individual components. I have to admit… I LOVE the lips.


Tutorial: Flora lips using OCC Lip tars

We’ll use OCC Tarred, Botanical, and Traffic for this.


Review: OCC Lip Tar in Complex

Having already discussed my overall feelings on the brand, and OCC LIp Tars in general, we’ll start looking at the individual colors I own.

Complex is described as a “pale, grayed, violet”.  Honestly, I’d describe it more as “very pale nude lips”.  Look at how pale it is, even compared to other pale nude lipsticks.  It is completely opaque, leaves a minty white tint behind, and may dry out your lips a bit.  But it will stay for hours, and blends well with other colors.  The tube is $12.50, and will last forever, since it is opaque with only a teeny amount of product.


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