today’s technicolor temper tantrum.

Because we are in the midst of yet another family crisis. I’m getting tired of this. Since the man wasn’t around to rage with me today, I ended up taking it out on my poor makeup collection.  The boyfriend says “I don’t think color expresses anger the way you think it does.”  Shows what HE knows!!!



A few mini reviews.

Yes, I know I’ve been VERY flaky lately.  Had one curve ball after another, and even though I’ve had a few new products pass through my hands, I haven’t been able to document my play with them.  I wanted to pass on a few mini-reviews for products that have caught my interest lately…


Technicolor Tuesday

Yeah. This is what happens when I put on makeup while listening to chopin, trying to avoid wailing at the top of my lungs, and swearing at boyfriend and boss alike. It has been that kind of day.

Testing Benefit Stay don’t Stray primer, though.


Fairy wings

This is what happens when I put on makeup while listening to La Boheme.

Scary, innet?

My skins still pretty stressed out, since it has been a rough week, visiting sick family members, planning more shots, dealing with PILES of work drama…. I’m a bit haggard.



Photoshoot: BRANES

A few weeks back, before the move, I did makeup for a shoot for local band Branes. I loved how everything came out, and they were so funny and lively, when shooting. Photography is by Craig Thomson.

BRANES-Photography by Craig Thomson



Focus On: Sugarpill Poison Plum

Focus On is a work in progress. Have you ever talked yourself out of buying a product because the color was too odd, and you wondered how often you would really be able to use it? Or, you know those colors you LOVE because of some hidden versatility that you never imagined when you bought it? I do that ALL of the time. In the interests of loving what I HAVE, and learning its limitations, rather than relying on the influx of new colors, I will be doing this post every Saturday, focusing on a new color from my collection, with examples of past work, ideas for other uses. Please feel free to suggest colors you wish to see, or uses for the ones listed, or let me know what your favorites are for future posts.

Poison Plum is a matte purple with a strong magenta note.


My first EOTD in the new house!

Though not the first one I posted here…. I took pictures while testing different areas of the house for good natural lighting. Very few of them came out.

Still, I’ve missed my fun and bright looks!  Yes, I know my eyebrows are all OVER the place, and I didn’t put anything on my skin. Moving really wore me out, and I’ve been having a pile of allergic reactions.  I’ve tried leaving off foundation wherever possible.


Aztec Gold

Yeah, I’ve finished moving, but things aren’t back to normal.  I don’t have a dedicated makeup area, since my new  bathroom is about a third the size of the old one, with NO room for makeup.  I haven’t decided what other areas of the house will have the best lighting for me to set up shop.  Ah well.  I haven’t even managed to find even enough lighting to feel comfortable reshaping my brows.

They still look a bit uneven—this is actually my natural growth pattern!  For some reason, one of my brows has thicker hair toward the bottom of the brow, textured upwards, and the other  brow has thicker hair up top.  This is why I usually prefer a VERY heavily filled-in and defined look for them.  I’m practicing other options, though.  I still love Aztec Gold with Goldilux, and I thought it set off the coral lips pretty nicely.

Anyways, bear with me a little longer!  I’ll try to get some reviews finished, and get steadier about posting makeup, when I get my space set up.


Candy Wrapper

Yes, my brows need SERIOUS work. I’ve been trying to avoid it until after the move, since it hurts to raise my arms long enough to tweeze more than a few hairs.

Playing with Sugarpill Tiara now. I’m not sure it’s my favorite, but i like how this came out.


Gold Vintage

Shooting today, and I’m already drained from shooting yesterday. It will be fun, though.  Plus, the boyfriend is working overtime, so it’s better than puttering around the house, bored.


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