today’s technicolor temper tantrum.

Because we are in the midst of yet another family crisis. I’m getting tired of this. Since the man wasn’t around to rage with me today, I ended up taking it out on my poor makeup collection.  The boyfriend says “I don’t think color expresses anger the way you think it does.”  Shows what HE knows!!!



Petrushka(eyes only)

Sorry for the silence yesterday. WordPress was down for a good chunk of the morning. The boyfriend has his night class, so we spent most of the time it WAS up sleeping. It was like… I can lose sleep waiting for wordpress to start working,  and tryto post something despite the weird errors it seems to be having lately… Or i can just come back tomorrow and try to play then! So, here we are. I didn’t really intend this to look “pretty”. I wanted to burn my palette out on color by picking the worst combination I could, and doing my best with it. I guess this shows my continuing fascination with “clown chic” makeup.


Review: Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow swatchathon

Sorry for the fairly bland product focus today. I’m in the process of trying to start recording video reviews, so my energy has been split SO many ways that every last thing I don’t have to redo later helps.  I don’t want to type up reviews of new products that I already have clips of video for. It’s just confusing and redundant. They belong in the same post.  I am a PERFECTIONIST.  Plus, wordpress is being an absolute BEAR about inserting new images.  I really really hate wordpress.  Sigh.

For actual reviews, look in these links. I’ll add new links as soon as I get solid reviews up of my newer colors.  As of now, I own samples or full sizes of all Sugarpill loose eyeshadows except for Tiara, Darling, Starling, and Asylum.

Here’s swatches of Tipsy, Absinthe, weekenders, birthday girl, paperdoll, magentric, decora, lumi, stella, hysteric,  royal sugar, magpie,  goldilux, and junebug.  Tipsy, Magentric, Decora, Stella, Hysteric, and Magpie have not been reviewed yet.  I’m still testing them.


dreaming of Hawaii(eyes only)

So, I wore this to yesterdays photoshoot.  THe full-face was fairly bland and simple.  I’m still testing a pile of new NYX’s lipsticks, grumbling ferociously about the rose-chemical smell and taste.  This photographed well, but it did look a bit overdone in person.  It’s fine though, since I was doing neutral-smoky makeup for the shoot.  I like to wear something different to my shoots, if just to give a subtle reminder of my versatility.

I am SO ready for our weird cold-spell to end.  Rainy pacific northwest is bad enough without SNOW!  My face is covered in red hives and itches, from allergic reactions to the rock salt i use at work.  I don’t really want to show it to the world, or apply foundation over it right now.  PLEASE let the itching END!  Olive oil can only do so much to calm it down!


Periwinkle(eyes only)

Testing NYX eyeshadow pencils.  So far they have creased WAY more than I would like, even under eyeshadow.  I’m hoping that a less sticky primer will help it stay better, but so far my lids just look a bit dry/leathery from that product layering.  Ah well


Metallic Fuchsia(eyes only)

Eh, nothing particularly creative or special.  And it’s too reflective to photograph well.


Gilded Gunmetal(eyes only)

This popped up in my head while doing another EOTD, and I couldn’t resist starting again and trying it.  Sugarpill Stella may be the only black eyeshadow I actually like and WANT to use.


metalic violet smoky eye

I try not to burn myself out on my own makeup before a photoshoot. Plus, I was rushed because I wanted to give my brushes another cleaning(heh, I am a germophobe before shoots!) It’s definitely not my best work.


subtle autumn colors(eyes only)

It’s not as bright as I was doing for a while. I find it funny that I put this on the night before we got MASSIVE snowflakes, out of season. ugh.  Sorry if I’m a bit quiet today.  I’ve prepared material in advance because I’ll be gone all day shooting.


Candy colors photoshoot

Been waiting to show these off for a while. We have the lovely Tara Marie(MM #1500299) modeling, for Pink Dawn photography( MM# 1885794).


Copyright 2011 Pink Dawn Photogaphy


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