Review: Mario Badescu whitening cream mask

Snagged this during a hautelook sale way back when. I’ve been looking for a good wintertime facial mask for a while.

My skin is mostly clear, and slightly oily.  But because I work outside during all weather, it gets uneven, itchy, and dull, even as it develops severe blemishes and bumps.  Most facial masks relieve that itching, but cause swollen pores and blackheads.

I enjoy this one, but it may not be effective on dry skin.  I do recommend it for oily skin though.  It evened out my skin a lot, and using it twice a week or so, my face is rarely ever itchy, no matter HOW much nasty rock-salt and rain is pelting into my face.  Hopefully, I’ll find it on hautelook again without too much trouble.  Even at full price, it’s not too expensive.  And will certainly last a while.  I’d rather save money, though, if possible.  I have a hard time putting as much effort into my skincare as I do into makeup.

My skin doesn’t feel noticeably drier after use.  It takes longer for oil buildup to show, though, and my skin DOES feel slightly softer.  I definitely wouldn’t say it does anything for my acne-I prefer the Badescu Glycolic cleanser for that!  I’m quite happy with how much it has helped my skins sensitivity, during these long, frigid work weeks.  I may come back to update this after using it during the summer–I think I’ll end up skipping it, and focusing on controlling acne instead.  That’s usually the summertime skincare routine.

For now, though, I consider it a bit of a livesaver!  My skin actually looks and feels almost as healthy now, as it did during the summer!



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  1. spidergirl
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 02:26:48

    As I read the title I was like “Oh she and whitening mask?”, but yes you’re right with your reasons on using it. I’ve got more or less the same skin problems and I guess this cream would work nice for me too. Thanks for this helpful review!


    • dolcearia
      Jan 28, 2011 @ 08:49:08

      Trust me, my boyfriend already teased me a LOT when he saw it in my package. I don’t honestly know WHY they called it that, except that it looks like Drywall spackle…. Still, it’s a nice product for those issues. I’m happy with it.


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