I love my job.

Just did the most amazing shoot for a very talented accessory designer.  Elizabeth Perry Collections has the most unique range of stuff I’ve seen in a long time.  Burlesque-y sequined headpieces in colors both neon and neutral, frayed fabric flowers, textural and delicate jewelry, lushly patterned headwraps…. Liz is SO talented!  Everything about this shoot was impeccable.  The wardrobe provided by Shop Mapel made my hate my own closets contents,  and Liz’s desire to go bright or go home created a really interesting tie-in between all of the crazy elements. I’d wear any of this.

Headpieces/Jewelry by Elizabeth Perry Collections, available at http://www.elizabethperrycollections.com/Clothing by Shop Mapel

Makeup by Nolie Marie Platt, using Sugarpill Heart Breaker, Sweet Heart, Burning Heart palettes
Hair by Chanel Davenport

Models: Elizabeth Ruth Pettyjohn, Cameron Adams, Hanna Ohmes
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A quick check-in.

Yes, it has been a VERY long absence. Very shortly, thepaintedmask will be moving to a spot on my websites domain. We’re just ironing out the specifics!

Loving the new Sugarpill Heartbreaker palette. Absolutely loving it. I have a lot of pictures, but haven’t really been taking the time to post things. Definitely been in a very private mood lately.  Here’s a few, though!  All colors are from Sugarpill Heartbreaker, Burning Heart, and Sweetheart palettes.

But things are overall getting better.  Busy with work, lots of shoots in the rare bits of nice weather we get here! Plus, I recently got engaged, so I’ve been even more wrapped up in the wonderful things I have at home, that don’t involve a brush or primer.

I’ll be sure to put the link to the new blog up here, when it’s functional! Likely it’ll just be sporadic looks, notes on trends, gushes about recent photoshoots, that sort of thing. Fashion nerds will be fashion nerds, after all.

Photoshoot: Smoky metallic beauty look(#2)

Here’s another look from the same shoot.  I loved seeing all of these images together, since Emily’s appearance changes so drastically with the makeup.  I had fun on the hair styling, as well.


Model: Emily Shade MM# 1502910
Photographer: Rudy Joggerst MM# 1534362


Photoshoot: Bright blue/green beauty look(#3)

Ah, how long has it been since I shot a bright look?  Way too long.  Will post a few other looks from this shoot, because I love how different Emily’s features look in all of the images.  This was the last look, and the most intense.  All makeup and hair is my work.

copyright Rudy Joggerst

Model: Emily Shade MM# 1502910
Photographer: Rudy Joggerst MM# 1534362


Photoshoot: The Sauvie Island Scarecrow

I’m sure it’s obvious that fall is NOT my favorite time of year, and winter is worse. I spend months rampaging at everyone, the moment someone puts a carol on. The usual cozy imagery of the season just makes me grumpy.

So it’s a bit odd how happy I was with these images. They’re just serene, and happy. These were shot last weekend, in the rain, on location in Sauvie Island, Oregon.

Gabrielle Jones models, in her own clothing.   Photography by Mikola Accuardi.  I did hair as well as makeup for this.


Photoshoot: Underwater!

So, I designed the entire look for this day around the idea that we were going to be dipping it in the pool later, and any powders used might be cakey, or wash out or off underwater.  Plus, the bluish tone of pool water can have odd effects of the skin tone, so I compensated with a touch more bronzey color, to keep her skin at its natural color.  This is the first photoshoot I used my airbrush at!  Having tested it on myself, and even tested crying in it, I loved how it held up and barely moved.  It was a good choice, and did the same here.

This features the lovely Olivia Long, at Option Model Management, photographed by Mikola Accuardi.

Olivia Underwater, photographed by Mikola Accuardi

Sephora 04 Beige cream eyeshadow-entire lid

UD 24/7 cream eyeshadow in Rehab-outer corner of lid, for contour.

UD 24/7 liner in Demolition(Holiday ’11) outer lashline, for both upper, and lower lashline.

Maybelline Great Lashes waterproof mascara, in dark brown(I think?)

Trim and apply false lash singles, and clumps to outer lashline, trimming to be a slight bit longer than the natural lashes.



OCC Airbrush Primer

OCC Airbrush Foundation–mix of y1 and y0(y1 dominating).

OCC Airbrush Lustre-highlights

Blush is an airbrushed mix of OCC Hush, y1, and a half drop of Primary Green.



For this look, I mixed OCC Lip Tars in Anime, Traffic(I think that’s the yellow one?), for a pinky-coral, that appears darker underwater.

Olivia Underwater, photographed by Mikola Accuardi


more bits and bobs.

Yeah, I haven’t worn much makeup lately. On top of that, my computer is painfully problematic, so I haven’t been able to edit images until now, or even type up posts. Ugh.

I’m testing the Urban Decay cream eyeshadow pencils now, and did this look to test other  colors over top.  Thats MAC Reflects Red, and Sugarpill Hysteric, Decora, Lumi, and Tako.  Line eyes with MAC Waveline fluitlind, at outer edge of upper lashline.

Lips are OCC Lip Tars in Hoochie, and Anime.

Photoshoot: Retro smudged Cateye

This is a great look if you are not used to wearing heavy makeup, or would like the look of a true retro cateye, but are unsure of your liner technique. It’s a bit more forgiving.

Photography by Rudy Joggerst, modeled by Kim K. All styling(Makeup, hair, and clothing) is my own.

2011 Rudy Joggerst

MAC Bare Canvas paint–apply to lower lid of eyes, to browbone, with a dense brush. Blend it into the skin with a fluffier brush for a softer effect.

Smudge MAC GreenSmoke around the lashline of the eye, blending it outward slightly, and applying it densest to the outer lashline, and wing.

Deepen the center of the wing with Sephora Grass is Greener cream eyeliner. Smudge it slightly, so there’s not a harsh line, and it blends evenly into GreenSmoke.

Curl lashes and apply Buxom mascara.

Fill in brows. I used La Femme Charcoal e/s, for a not-quite-black finish.


I mixed Embryolisse Miracle Cream moisturizer, and Graftobian Cream Foundation for a tinted moisturizer.

Buff NARS Orgasm into cheeks, and NARS Laguna into contour of face.  Highlight with Benefit High Beams.


Fusion Lip Infatuation in Big N Bare

2011 Rudy Joggerst

2011 Rudy Joggerst

odds and ends(Again)

Sorry for the lack of posts, everyone. ANOTHER relative had a heart attack. Second, in a month. UGH! He’s fine, but everything has been REALLLLLLLLLY stressful since then.

I just got done reorganizing the makeup I take out on shoots though it’s still only a fraction of my total makeup, since I’ve weeded out many of my bright pigments, and all of the eyeliners, foundations, etc. that are for my personal use. Still, I was in shock how fast it filled up my new container. There’s also panels on the lid that store my eyeliner right now! Yay!

The bottom has three plastic trays, containing my MUFE Aqua Creams, Flash Cream palette, Givenchy foundations, Sugarpill, Urban Decay, and Stila eyeshadow palettes, Graftobian powder foundations, blush, highlighters, etc.

This does not include the cloth container I store my brushes, lipstick, foundation, and eyeshadow palettes in. This is just the loose pieces!

Anyways, here’s a quick EOTD. It’s the ONLY makeup I’ve worn in weeks. One of the MUA’s in my area has been kind enough to talk with me about my work, and offered me some products she no longer uses. So I’ve been testing out a bunch of new things. She gave me quite a few shiseido and Benefit eyeshadows, and a range of other things. I feel bad I haven’t been able to test them more, since they seem to be quite fun, and I have comparatively few pastel colors.

Hopefully I’ll have some new stuff to show soon!  Life has been crazy lately, between family issues, lots of shoots, computer problems, work problems, and an insane stress level.  I haven’t been fit for human company.




A few illustrated odds and ends!

All of the pictures I couldn’t get off my camera….

Using the NARS Grand Palais duo, UD Naked Palette, benefit cream eyeshadow, and Sephora cream liners, and cream eyeshadow pencils. Don’t know exactly what went with what anymore…..

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