Summer Watermelon look

So, I did two versions of this. One is just bright and dramatic, the other just has a VERY unrealistic pair of false lashes(Red Cherry EJ 316).

I wanted to include pictures both ways, since its harder to focus on teh colors with the lashes on.

Unfortunately, It was fairly bright, so I’m squinty in a lot of my pictures.  Either way, this was a fun change to do!  Normally, I don’t wear colors this dramatically different.  Some of that has to do with the boyfriends aesthetic preference, some of it just has to do with me being more inspired by shifts and different textures in more “matchy” colors.

I love the bright lipstick though.  Girl About Town NEVER gets old to me.



purple/soft fuchsia with Fyrinnae eyeshadow

I have mixed feelings on how this came out.  I think its presentable, but I don’t know that I’m in love with it.  It doesn’t help that my skins a bit dry, and I actually noticed my foundation showing off a few patches! Ugh.

The technique was a little wiggly to use the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy as a primer, without messing up the final blendings.  I applied my normal shadow, and then tapped the Epoxy over areas I planned to blend Fyrinnae eyeshadows.  After those were on, I applied a little more of my MAC colors to blend it out with the previous layer.  So, it didn’t add much time, since I usually do this when working with bright/contrasty colors, but I was VERY careful around the Epoxy.

I like the colors though!


Autumn eye

So, maybe its a little late for me to do this type of look, but I spent all night thinking of the area I grew up, and the birds.   So I was still thinking of Orioles when I sat down to do my makeup.   I don’t think the boyfriend cared for this one, but its a bit… bright… and he doesn’t care for rusty tones.

Glitter doesn’t really photograph well, so sorry for the slightly splotchy pics. After my next MAC trip, I think I’ll get Lady Danger(matte warm BRIGHT red).  Spice it up seems a little blue-er than i recalled it being.  I think I’d love this with a bright orange based red lip.


Shimmery Rosy Pink/purple with MACs color forecast

So sue me. I threw on a little makeup before my shower. I wanted to see how the Stack 1 pigments applied wet(well, I think.).

Unfinished brows, unfinished skin, this is not my proudest moment.  I am happy with the color combination though.


Stars Makeup Haven

Unfortunately, I’m not going to do any makeup today.  Applying and removing two different makeup looks plus false lashes, yesterday, seems to have done a number on my skin. My eyes are puffy and sore. I’d rather just let it heal without makeup for a few days, rather than subjecting my skin to all the rubbing, products, removers, etc.  And now’s a good time to catch up!

I’ve actually been meaning to post this for a few days.   I originally found Stars Makeup Haven while searching for empty MAC size pans for pressing pigment into.  THey have those(hooray!) as well as a bunch of other products, including MAC pigment samples, or resales of limited edition items.  That said, I was intrigued by their own line of eyeshadow colors. The reviews I saw said that they were very smooth and pigmented, and once I saw their color variety, I had to try it.  5$ each, how can you go wrong?

Product photos and swatches behind the cut.


Back to Basics: Shiseido Face and Body sunscreen SPF 60

With the prevalence of information on sun damage, skin cancer, effects on aging, etc.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain WHY I’m so insistent on sunscreen use, even during the winter.  Particularly with me being a pale girl.  And my skin sensitivities have always been a HUGE hurdle to overcome.  For years, even though I knew I SHOULD wear sunscreen, I preferred to just stay inside and wear it ONLY when I couldn’t avoid it, rather than risk the variety of issue’s it created. Burning, swollen skin, ferocious zits, in grown hairs, infections……

The best “solution” I’d found until recently was watering down a high SPF sunscreen that did cause irritation,  with moisturizer, that didn’t irritate my skin.  And even that still caused some sensitivity issues.  So I was delighted to try Shiseido’s Face and Body sunscreen, and find that it had NONE of those problems!


pink/coral Barbie look using MACs Color Forecast

So, I figured that since I’m wearing this look to celebrate my anniversary with the man, it is only fitting to do it with products that were his gift for me.

He picked out the false lashes for me, which are a bit melodramatic for my tastes, but still fun to wear.

The blending on this came together fairly easily.  I’ve been SO much happier with the STack 1 pigments since I pressed them into pans. They blend soooo much easier, and collect on the brush smoothly.  And I love every color in that set.


Blue/teal using Fyrinnae eyeshadow

So, I like the eyes on this, but this look had a lot of stuff go wrong.

First off, I tried to blend it over the Pixie Epoxy from Fyrinnae. This stuff retains the glitter very well, but on the whole lid, it made it difficult to blend the actual pigment.  My look had streaks/strokes that couldn’t be blended out. So I redid it over Urban Decay Primer Potion, which is a LOT less sticky, and retained less glitter, but made it easier to blend the color.
Also, I do NOT recommend the false lashes I used.  They are slightly too big for my eyes, and that, on top of the stiff band, meant that no trick in my false lash arsenal could make them conform to my eye.  Couldn’t even find a place to trim them down to size.   So now, I have minimal face articulation, and don’t even care for the sparkles on.  Sigh.

But I love the colors in the makeup!


Experimental Poppy makeup

Proof that I should not be permitted to listen to Tom Waits singing “over the rainbow” while I stare at glittery red eyeshadow. This look is a little silly, over the top, and I’m pretty happy with it. Although I should have removed the lips, and redone them, rather than blending over top. THe second layer of gold is a little too much for my taste.  The one detail I wish I could accommodate though, is that I want to use gold rhinestones, instead of the clear ones I did.  I REALLY need to buy more rhinestones for my face!


Quick Turquise using Fyrinnae eyeshadow

I put this on VERY hurriedly, after pressing a bunch of my new pigments. Im reasonably happy with it, although I skipped MANY steps in my usual makeup regimen, including finishing my brows(my eyebrow filler had gotten shifted around and I didn’t want to run downstairs for the palette it is in)

I also need to update my original review with some of the additional things I noticed about applying them.


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